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We offer a complete landscaping service from an on site consultation to the supply of materials and the construction of a new living space unique to your needs!



Before starting a new landscaping project the most important thing is to come up with an overall plan for your yard. Early planning can ensure a beautiful yard even if it takes a few years to complete.

If taken into account early on, things like irrigation and lighting can be prepared for by including sleeving under the sidewalks and driveways, to be added at

a later date as the budget allows.

The main concern should be to have a yard that suits your needs.

Some other important considerations are:

  •  How much lawn vs. How much garden? Maintaining a lawn takes much less time than gardening, but a garden may create a more welcoming yard.
  • How large of a patio do you want? How often do you entertain, and how often would you like to? How many seats and tables will you need?


Your patio should be design to accommodate your families needs and entertaining requirements. There are numerous styles and colours to choose from for your sidewalks and patios.



Gardening with pots can make even the smallest spaces more colourful year round. It also cuts down on maintenance with no large flower beds to be planted and weeded.


As well as the beauty of a water feature the background noise can both block out other noises as well as being quite soothing.

We can design and install a custom feature for your back yard.



Retaining walls can be functional or used to create elevation changes to add more interest in your yard.

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