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We hired Allan Calderwood from Laredo Contracting to do a major landscape project  for our home in Tsawwassen. Although we knew we wanted to have a patio and paths that seamlessly connected our home and garden we were struggling with picturing what that would look like. Allan was able to envision a beautiful design that would complement our home and treasured garden. He constructed winding brick paths in both the front and the back that connect to a welcoming patio which includes an arbor and planters and wide shallow steps onto the lawn. He ensured that it was an adequate size for entertaining and installed irrigation throughout it and the rest of the property which has made maintenance worry-free. He built a second more private patio further away from the house that incorporated many large rocks and is surrounded by garden. He also helped us with our new driveway installation advising us on width and giving it just the right shape and curves.

Allan worked consistently on our project through to completion. He welcomed our input and listened carefully and patiently and was able to understand and create what we hoped for but at times had difficulty expressing. Allan is very gifted in his ability to design and create, he is proficient in working with many different materials, and he is a pleasure to work with. We now have a lovely garden that is unique to our home and complements it perfectly. We are very happy with the final outcome and  would recommend Laredo Contracting for any project.


​South Delta

We removed our wooden deck and had planned on replacing it with paving stones. I thought it was something I could manage to do on my own but quickly realized I was in over my head.Through a recommendation from BC Brick, I contacted Allan at Laredo Contracting. To make a long story short, he was able to take on the job. He gave me an estimate start date and completion date which he fulfilled.They left me a beautiful space just in time for summer. I laugh now when I think that I could have done this on my own.It's perfect and I am very satisfied with the job they did. 



                                                            South Delta 




We used Laredo Contracting to install a concrete retaining wall and concrete
pavers.  We are very pleased with the  quality and appearance of the
finished work  as well as the manner in which Laredo handled all stages  of
the job from initial planning and estimating through site preparation and
installation.   Deficiencies at the completion of the job were very minor in
nature and resolved the same day.   

I found them to be very "business like" in their approach which I
appreciated.  In addition the Laredo crew was friendly, polite, hardworking
and good at communicating with us.    We will certainly use Laredo for
future landscaping projects. 

J.P. Andrew MBA

Delta BC

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